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Born and raised in the same suburban town outside Toronto, I craved adventure. When I met James, a charming French man, it was love at first sight, even though he was dressed as a 1970’s dodgeball player on Halloween.

After following my new fiancé from Toronto, Canada to his hometown of Cannes, France I was in a storybook come to life. Despite not knowing the language, I fell in love with the beauty of seaside life and endless amounts of bread and cheese. Three years passed. Now married and pregnant with our first baby, life was unfolding perfectly to plan. 


After an unexpected emergency during the birth of our first son Oslo, I died during the final push. I was left with bruises on my chest after doctors spent an hour trying to resuscitate me. I came back to life as a mother, but left a piece of myself in the place I went to when my pulse stopped and all went black. Postpartum depression and dissociation took over and I learned to mother through fog. A year later, we became pregnant again with our second son, Louie. After another traumatic birth, I knew I was broken and couldn’t carry on attempting to be the best mother I could be.

Moving to a new house, the fog that protected me began to lift. Leaving the home where the birth trauma occurred was like waking up to it really having happened. I was hit with the truth of my own death and spent a year grieving all the stolen moments that it took from me. I connected with a therapist to heal my depression and energy workers and hypnotists to discover what happened to me when I died. It was a season of loss, but the grit and resilience I purchased with my pain were mine to keep and to pass on. 


After being a stay at home mom for four years, I created the first English speaking social media managing and content creation company in the South of France, Can-Can Content. Working solely with female led businesses, primarily in Monaco, I built a successful independent creative hub where my passions for photography and writing came to life. When France locked down I made the difficult decision to put my business on pause. In this time I began writing Born in the Beyond and dedicated the past two years to completing it. It has become the greatest passion in my life and well worth the risk of stopping my business.

I have expanded my writing abilities to online publications, where I have been published on HuffPost and Motherhood blogs.

​We welcomed our third baby this February, and now I am in a new position to connect with mothers, as I navigate postpartum motherhood with a new perspective and abundance of knowledge I did not have with my other children. The completion of Born in the Beyond is perfectly timed for this new chapter beginning in my life, as a writer, entrepreneur and mother.

My favourite books include...
Wintering by Katherine May,
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert,
Know My Name by Chanel Miller and
Between Two Kingdoms by Suleika Jaouad.
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