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I am a Canadian born published writer, digital creator and motherhood storyteller. After experiencing for myself the shame society places on mothers who suffer from birth and postpartum trauma, I became passionate about changing the motherhood narrative and breaking cycles of motherhood trauma. 


As a new mother I was constantly surrounded by people, but felt lonely. I was always needed, but rarely felt like I was doing enough. I was surrounded by love, but didn’t have love for myself. In my journey through motherhood back to myself I began to share my experience on Instagram. In my honesty about what motherhood is really like, and in sharing my birth trauma, struggles with my mental health and healing journey, I have built a solid community of women who feel seen. I am not afraid to shine a light on the difficult topics of motherhood and marriage, and have expanded these conversations through my guest appearances on podcasts like, War Stories from the Womb and SHE. Inspired.


After being a stay at home mom for four years, I created the first English speaking social media managing and content creation company in the South of France, called Can-Can Content. Working solely with female led businesses, I built a successful independent creative hub where my passions for photography and writing came to life. Running bi-annual social media workshops called The Creative Sessions, I taught groups of small business owners how to creatively market themselves in the vast online space. When France locked down in 2020 I made the difficult decision to put my business on pause. In this time I began writing Born in the Beyond and dedicated the past three years to completing it. It has become the greatest passion in my life and well worth the risk of stopping my business.


I have expanded my writing abilities to online publications in an effort to bring more awareness and community to the motherhood topics that remain taboo. I have been published in HuffPost, Insider and Mother Mag, where I discuss everything from sex after birth to how my cesarean saved my marriage. 


I live in beautiful Cannes, France with my French husband James and our three children. When I am not writing or creating content, I am on the beach enjoying the sun and sea with my family, most likely with a glass of rosé in hand. After giving birth to my third baby in February 2022, I am in a new position to connect with mothers, as I navigate postpartum motherhood with a new perspective and abundance of knowledge I did not have with my other children. The completion of Born in the Beyond is perfectly timed for this new chapter beginning in my life, as a writer, entrepreneur and mother.

My favourite books include...
Wintering by Katherine May, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Know My Name by Chanel Miller and Between Two Kingdoms by Suleika Jaouad.
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